The BIG announcement

There is something that I have been keeping from you. One might even go so far as to say that I’ve been lying at times about something. It’s something huge in my life but I’ve not been able to tell anyone about it.

Well, I made the big announcement to my department at work yesterday so I am now free to talk openly on here about it. With several colleagues knowing about this blog, I would have been breaking my word to Da Boss to breathe a word of it here.

So here it is:

In six weeks from today, on 9th August, I will be flying to Canada and never returning. That’s right, my emigration is finally upon us. I will be leaving my current work place on 25th July so there will be a couple of weeks for me to potter about, see people and generally do the gracious exit thing. Then I fly out, hope that the Embassy has been right all those times that I contacted them to check my paperwork was OK for emigrating, and with any luck I will be installed as a Canadian resident by that evening.

It’s so exciting.

It’s so terrifying.

I’ve unlocked some journal entries relating to the move that I had marked as private. It sounds odd to post things privately, but I wanted to have a record of the process even if I had to keep them secret for a few weeks. You can now read all about the trauma of packing up all my belongings and putting them on a ship, the stress and exhaustion and relief when it was finally all done. For anyone who remembers how shattered I was a couple of weeks ago, that was why! I will be posting the photos in my Flickr tomorrow.

It’s going to be such a relief not hiding all of this. And best of all, the next time a colleague says “so when are you planning to move?” I can say “Well, 9th August sounds good!” rather than the usual vague hedging.

Today I am having the first family good-bye party. This one is with my father’s family because several of my cousins are jetting off to foreign climes for uni and gap years so we had to do that one early. It’s going to be fun! I went shopping in the morning with mum for food and then let her tote it all home in the car while I walked, 3 miles and it’s mostly uphill. Not as long as previous Snowdon training walks, but at least it’s a bit of walking that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. This is shaping up to be a busy weekend!

Now I must go and make cheesy herb bread. Family arrives in two hours and I feel the need to be pretty and clean before they get here.

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