All systems are go!

Today I had my echo cardiogram to make sure that my heart is functioning correctly. I set out very early because the traffic around here usually means that you’ll either arrive hideously early to town or incredibly late.

I went for the hideously early option and spent a pleasant half hour sitting outside with a caramel latte before walking up to the hospital.

Usually my appointments at that hospital are in the orthopaedic outpatients department, which isn’t a part of the hospital that I ever visited as a child. My orthopaedic guy was based at a different hospital. However, I spent a lot of time in the vision and audio section of the hospital getting my sight and hearing checked and visiting the ENT guy. It turns out that the cardiology investigations department is right next to that part so I walked through some very familiar corridors and waiting rooms.

Oddly, I find that part of the hospital comforting and familiar. I find most hospitals quite intimidating and nerve-inducing, I suspect because they’re usually associated with discomfort and bad things. Even the A and E department, familiar as it is, hasn’t got the best associations because I was always there with some injury or other. But up in that part of the hospital, with the big windows, sunlit waiting room and calm bustle, it was comforting and I felt quite happy.

The actual scan wasn’t fun, but the news is good. My tiny murmur is nothing. There are no defects, it’s beating strongly and the valves are all clean and normal. Phew!

The technician knew about EDS, knew why there was a risk and was very comforting. She said that she would have told me immediately if there was anything there. I’m a happy girl now. Most importantly, there is no reason for me not to fly or move to Canada. There had been a tiny, illogical part of me that was afraid they’d find something and stop me going. Knowing that everything is fine is a huge weight off. Yay!

I celebrated by nipping into HMV on my way back to the car. Dirty Dancing was on sale on DVD and having discovered to my horror that I don’t have it when I was packing (it’s my favourite movie and I didn’t upgrade from video for some reason) I couldn’t resist. Heh. Now I’m working from home for the rest of the day and I’m feeling quite content.

Except my remote server for work has just gone down. Gah!

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