The week in brief

The best thing about this week is that it’s Friday and the work week is officially over. Yes, it’s been like that.

The other good thing is that I only have two weeks left as an employed person with my current company. Except that I still have to get through the next two weeks. Thankfully a colleague is organising my leaving do for my last day so my boss should be letting me leave at a sensible time that day. I suspect that my colleague will hurt him if I miss my own leaving do!

The other good thing is that I am not at work Thursday and Friday next week. The bad thing is that I am climbing Snowdon and really don’t feel like I’ve had enough training.

Still, I have a lovely new toy (Canon Powershot A470 – gorgeous and dinky) so it’s not all bad.

This weekend is manic like woah, but most of it should be fun 🙂

In other news, Doctor Who appears to be on track for being the highest rated show of the week. Yes, at its peak more people watched the Wimbledon final (including yours truly), but the average across the show was still higher than the average Wimbledon audience. I don’t think DW has ever been number 1 for the week, even in its heyday, so I’m feeling really quite pleased.

Also, fandom is busy dissecting it and tearing itself apart, which is always fun to watch. Things will settle down soon, but it has been a fun couple of weeks to be a Doctor Who fan. The daily newsletter at who_daily has had to put the list of reaction posts into multiple entries due to the sheer volume. That says everything about those last two episodes, I feel.

Oddly, I apparently wrote a “more serious and indepth” review of the last episode than someone else. At least that’s what the pingback says. I don’t think anyone has ever used those words in the context of me before 😉

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