Sorting stuff out: the exciting life of a soon-to-be-emigre

I have had rather a mad, exhausting weekend (more about that in a post tomorrow, I suspect) and I have spent today doing some sorting out.

The first exciting thing is that I have got cable, telephone and Internet sorted out for the house in Canada. The phone is being connected on Friday and the computer and cable will be connected the Thursday after I arrive. Apparently 15 Meg Internet is standard. Wheeeee! I love me some super-fast Internet 🙂

I saw the dentist and got my dental health confirmed for a year (and a small lecture about the quantity of Diet Coke I drink and it’s effects on my teeth. Ooops). There were also boring household jobs like washing to be completed. Bleh. But I did give myself a break with some tea and my knitting to watch two episodes of Bonekickers. Utterly stupid, but really great fun despite the very bad archaeology.

There are thunder sounds from outside so I live in hope that the weather will break tonight. Phew! I have photos to sort out from Snowdon and this weekend, but that will be done tomorrow when I’m taking a break from sorting through stacks of old magazines that need to be bagged up for recycling.

Ooh, I’m just filled with exciting jobs this week!

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