Yarn and sushi and other good things

Yesterday I went up to London to meet up with my sister for sushi and yarn shopping. As we weren’t due to meet up until 6pm and I didn’t fancy trawling through trains during the rush hour, I decided to go up a couple of hours early.

Hmm. What on Earth could I do with myself?

And then I remembered that going to the British Library was on my “do to before leaving England” list and voila, my afternoon was sorted. I spent a very pleasant couple of hours wandering the exhibition galleries, looking at the Ramayana display and standing in the presence of Magna Carta. Is it sad that I can identify King John’s Great Seal from ten paces?

Then I popped up to Oxford Street for a pre-emptive wander through the John Lewis yarn department and had to remind myself that the Rowan magazines weight far too much to take on the plane with me and I can buy them in Tangled Skeins (my new local yarn store) whenever I want after the move. I did leave with a pin cushion – to stop me using the arm of my chair as a pin cushion – and some self-striping sock yarn. historyterry – what size are your feet?

Then it was off to Itsu on Regent Street for sushi with my sister, which was absolutely fabulous and she introduced me to these tiny pots of incredibly intense chocolate mousse that I fell in love with. Must visit Itsu every time I return to England for visits.

After supper, we were back in JL making tough decisions about yarn for her the cardigan that I’ll be making for her Christmas present. We finally settled on a teal colour to go with the cashew (it’s stripy!) and cream borders. Sis nearly succumbed to the lure of a Rowan accessories book but the patterns are all fairly complicated (a lot of Fair Isle) and she doesn’t yet know how to knit. I’m planning to teach her to knit and get her started on a simple scarf when she visits at Christmas. Once you’re confident in knit and purl, everything else flows much more easily and a scarf is great for that kind of education. JL is evil because they knit up some of the patterns and display them so that you can marvel at how nice the garments are and how gorgeous the yarn feels. I resisted the lure, though, although I’m not sure how easy that will be once I’m not having to be concious of weight restrictions!

Today has been lots of rather mundane moving stuff. I transported a ton of magazines up to the dump (still got a few more to package and take, but I ran out of plastic bags) and put together a pile of stuff for shredding. The shredding pile isn’t as big as I’d hoped 😦 Still, there is the drawer under my bed to excavate so I’m sure that it will be getting added to. I’m predicting another dump trip next week to get rid of everything else that needs chucking.

I’m a terrible hoarder, but moving overseas is actually making me ruthless about chucking and shredding stuff. After all, when every extra kilo has to be paid for it gets hard to justify keeping crap “Just in case” when you know that there is only a 99.9999999% chance you’ll ever need something again.

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  1. Moving
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 09:20:34

    It’s very useful.

    You’ve done a good job

    Many thanks

    moving overseas


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