Progress and frustrations

The car is at the mechanic – no word yet on whether he’s been able to fix it.

I’ve got lots of sorting done, but my desire to shred lots of documents has been thwarted by Da needing to use the room with the shredder in all day. Bleh.

Mum’s new (Canadian) credit card was activated yesterday so Da and I have been ordering our new computers. Up side is that they’re lovely computers and my new lappy will be powerful and portable. Down side is that they aren’t going to be shipped until a week on Monday.


I’m going to have to call the cable guys to tell them that they’ll need to delay the appointment a few days because we’re not going to have a computer available next Thursday for them to use when installing the Internet. That also means that I’ll have very restricted Internet for at least two weeks after I arrive, thanks to the ex-husband of my aunt’s housemate moving in so that I can’t stay at my aunt’s.

These things are sent to try us. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more productive – I really need to get the shredding done and have access to a car for the half dozen errands that I need to run tomorrow.

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