Luggage defeated (I think) so I am ready to jet

Hand luggage has been packed. I’m hoping that nobody looks too carefully at the weight of my hand luggage or asks me to unpack my ‘purse’. I don’t think that most people carry 320GB external hard drives in their purse!

I suspect that I may be very, very, very close to the weight limit on my luggage but I’m prepared to pay for excess baggage if I have to. I’ve left a few bits and bobs behind to be brought with my parents at Christmas. The one that I’m most gutted by is my lovely leather coat – it’s just too heavy! Everything else can wait a few months and there is always the option of asking for things to be mailed if I discover that life is incomplete without my Roget.

While I waited for other things to happen, I’ve been playing a bit with Flickr. The photos from Snowdon are finally up and I’ve also put up the first instalment of the packing drama. This is the drama of loading stuff ready for the boat – today’s ‘fun’ is saved for another day!

I’ll try to put up photos when I can get Internet access, although my access is liable to be spotty over the next few days. I will try to put up a “Here safely” message when I can.

I guess that’s it. The next time I post, it will be from my new home in Canada. See you all soon!

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