Canaday Days 5 and 6 (the OMG insurance! version)

I’m starting to feel a little more settled now. It helps that yesterday we got the Internet hooked up at the house. No computers yet, but Da has his laptop here (old and tends to get crotchety sometimes) so we can actuallly use the Internet without having toddle over to my aunt’s house every time we need something.

How crazy is it that an Internet-less state of being can be so unnerving?

The computers should arrive early next week and then I shall have my lovely new laptop to play on to my heart’s delight. We’ve even got the wireless network up and running on a D-Link box and it’s great. We actually get really good signal strength throughout the house, much better than we get at home, and the Internet connection is lovely and fast. I’m a happy girl 🙂

The other important thing is that we have a TV so now I can actually see news and Olympics coverage and so on. Somehow, just having those two things, helps me to feel much less cut-off from the rest of the world.

I also have airmail letter paper and envelopes (from the dollar store, where everything is an actual dollar rather than £2.50) so I can write snail mail letters to people as well.

After the triumph of finding a new car, there was the slightly less triumphal getting of insurance. I’ve found a company that will insure me and take into account my driving record in the UK (which really brings down the quote a lot – by $2000 over what most others were quoting) but they need letters from my insurance companies in England.


So my fun job this morning was calling my old insurance companies in the UK. Thankfully I’d written letters to all of them at some stage in the past so I had the policy numbers lurking in my hard drive. Obssessive filing pays off sometimes! One of them had a fax with my new insurers within a few minutes of me calling. Another will be faxing on Monday.

Then there’s the insurance company that I was with for a few years up to 2007. The ones who took ten months to sort out a claim that the other driver admitted liability for within a couple of weeks because they’d rear-ended me. The nightmare company that had to be called twenty times, with three written letters of complaint, before they finally sorted out the claim. They say that they cannot fax or email anything. They cannot post anything outside the UK. They’d really prefer to post to my old address, but I exploded a little at that one because, um, I DON’T LIVE THERE ANYMORE. So the compromise is that they’ll send it to my sister and I’ll hope that she can fax it.

They’ll do it within five business days. Grump.

So I’ve told the garage about the delay and the reason and they’re fine for me to pick the car up whenever. I’ve told them that I’m hoping for Wednesday but I’ll keep them informed. That means that my parents will have to keep their hire car for an extra few days, which is annoying but not totally impossible.

I hate insurance companies.

Everything else has been relatively successful over the last few days. There was no shopping today (phew!) but we have been painting and cleaning lots. Yesterday I went out with Mum and picked out a quilt – it will be picked up tomorrow when my bank card has been activated. I made some changes to my bank account on Wednesday to get an account that doesn’t have charges attached, but my card was going to take 48 hours to activate the changes. Bah. But at least it’s nearly sorted and the quilt is absolutely beautiful. We also have curtain material and the carpet got fitted. That means there is a decent chance that I’ll be able to move into my bedroom by the beginning of the week. Hooray!

I was out at the insurance office last night so I didn’t get to go to the local knitting group, but I’ll be trying to get there next Thursday. They meet in a local bar/eatery that apparently does great chowder and amazing onion rings. I’m going to have to be careful here or I’ll end up the size of a house!

I was a little low last night after realising that the insurance would be more complicated than I thought, but I’m feeling much better now. The sun is shining, it’s beautiful outside (windy and fresh and lovely) and I’m mostly just feeling impatient for everything to be sorted out. I knew that it would take time to get everything sorted out so it’s just illogical that I’m feeling bad over not everything being done yet when I’ve only been here six days.

historyterry, feel free to laugh at me right now for all the times that I’ve tried to encourage you to relax when not everything is perfect immediately. Pots and kettles and all that 🙂

Everything is starting to feel like I’m getting somewhere and I’m looking forward to being able to relax a bit at the weekend. I’ve decided that Sunday needs to be a proper “doing fun stuff” day rather than another day of shopping/fixing/calling people. We all need a break!

ETA: I actually have 90 days to get my new driver’s licence. Phew! And I’m already half-way up the back of sis’s cardigan and it’s going beautifully.

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