Canada Days 6 and 7 (the power cut edition)

Friday was fairly unremarkable except for one teeny little thing.

It’s called a big power cut.

I was finishing up some bits on the computer on Friday when suddenly everything went dark. The computer is a lappie and the modem had just (two hours before) been set up on a UPS so that was fine, but the lights and fans just died.

Checking with a neighbour (I met a neighbour! Except he’s just sold his house…) proved that it wasn’t just us but then we had a new problem. It was supper time. We had a gas ring to cook on, but nothing to stand it on and, even more importantly, we had no flashlights. Nope, not a flashlight or a candle was to be found in our house.

Good thing the stores are open untl 8pm!

As we were going out to the store anyway, we decided to eat out and set up the gas ring another day. It was a good plan, we decided. We very nearly ordered in but as we set out for the store, we realised that it wouldn’t have been a good idea. Everything was in darkness (including traffic lights) for miles. The first working traffic light was at the entry to the highway. As the hardware store is on the first exit from the highway, we were just grateful that there was some power there. Flashlights and table were bought and then we went onto a sushi place for supper, which was excellent. The quality was top notch and the range was as good as my favourite place across the harbour. Definitely a place to return to.

The power was back by the time we got home, which was actually a huge relief. It turned out to be a fun power cut, though, because we got a nice supper and everyone had a chance to relax and enjoy themselves for a few hours.

Yesterday we did a lot more sorting, bought the new quilt for my bed and my parents bought a security system for the house. I think they’re worried about me being here on my own. Awww. We had my aunt over for some supper and so that she and mum could go to Canadian Tire and drool over power tools. That was a heap of fun and my aunt treated us to a chocolate cheesecakse for dessert. Da had a ‘vegan’ (heh) blueberry turnover as my thank you for carrying all my extra luggage. He really went above and beyond for it.

Today we are having a lazy day and hopefully tomorrow we’ll finish up the work in my room. I really want to move into my own bedroom now 🙂

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