Canada Days 8 and 9 (the we’re gonna have furniture! edition)

Yesterday was as lazy and relaxed as I’d hoped for. I went to church with Mum at the little baptist church down the road in the morning. Everyone was really friendly – the genuine sort of friendliness – without being pushy and signing me up for three committees and the choir before I’d sat down. They are starting up a walking club and I put my name down – the people seem lovely and it would be a good chance to meet new people and keep up my walking. The service was informal without being happy-clappy or unstructured, so it’s just my level.

Most of the afternoon was spent reading, knitting and generally relaxing. I walked down to the mailbox to post some letters just before supper and, post-supper, we sat in the rec room to watch some Olympics. I finally caught five minutes of gymnastics! I saw the final floor exercise by the winner of gold in the girls floor category. She really was amazing and I could see why she’d been given the gold.

Today has been busy busy. Mum and I got up early and got the trim painting done in my room. The carpet went down at the end of last week but our painter hadn’t got around to painting the skirting boards or door trim. As he’s a very messy painter, we didn’t trust him to do it so we got out the tools and did the job ourselves. I’ve now got sheers up at the windows (still need to make some curtains) and we’ve even put the bed in. The bed is on a temporary frame until my real one arrives, but it’s great to get it up and made up (complete with beautiful quilt!) so that it looks like a real bedroom. Mum and I also put up the Cheval mirror. We’re productive when we try to be 🙂

This afternoon we went to the store, planning to make a quick stop to look at furniture for the big rec room on our way.

Readers, I bought some.

On Friday, a new (three seater) sofa, coffee table and two recliners will be arriving. By Friday evening we shall be sitting in comfort to watch TV so we’ll be able to relax properly in the evening.

The other good piece of news is that the lumber for the new deck will arrive on Wednesday and we won’t have to carry it into the back yard ourselves, as was the original plan. With any luck, we should have a new deck by mid-next week.

Today was much more successful than some days have been. The second insurance company has faxed their letter to my new insurers so that just leaves the pain in the butt insurance company. Grrr. I’m praying that will come soon but not expecting much because they take so long to get their finger out and actually do anything.

No word yet on when our new computers will arrive. The estimated delivery date is still showing as tomorrow on the Dell website, but they are also not showing as having been dispatched so it’s anyone’s guess as to where they are! I really want my computer because my dad’s laptop refuses to let Skype work and is rather temperamental at best. Silly thing.

Still, everything is looking brighter today and the big bulk of furniture shopping is now over. That means I can turn my attention to the job hunting and I’ll feel much more relaxed once that has been started. I can’t believe that I’ve only been here for a little over a week!

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