I am mobile!

I am sitting in one of the new glider-rockers that was delivered this morning with my laptop. I.e. upstairs on the other side of the house from the router. And I have Internets! I am a mobile, Internet browsing girl. Woot!

It’s so cool 🙂

Despite a few issues when setting up my virus scanning (sorted now, thankfully) everything is running smoothly. I can watch the guys constructing the deck from here and dream of being able to post from the deck tomorrow, looking out over the ocean.

The weather is gorgeous today, bright and sunny and not too warm thanks to a strong breeze from the ocean. It’s one of those days where living next to the ocean really pays off because the views are so amazing. The sea is bright, bright blue and the sky is brilliant. When I walked down to the mailbox I could smell the ocean because the box is about ten feet from the waves at high tide. The odd low points from last week are forgotten. This move was worth every hassle and headache just for days like today.

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