Sun, sea, sand and Atlantis (but one of them is a lie)

I discovered last night that there is a place in my TV thingy where I can catch up on all the Atlantis S5 that has been shown so far. This makes me so, so super happy because now I can join in the squee 🙂

As it is raining like woah right now, I’m thinking of having an Atlantis afternoon if I can do enough job app stuff to feel justified in taking a couple of hours off.

Yesterday was both fun and productive. I spent the morning doing up my CV and then re-doing it because paper size is different here and my resume was three lines too long when done on Letter size paper *pout* Then I spent a while more setting up profiles on some of the job websites, although I haven’t actually uploaded my resume yet. I’m kind of nervous because I hate that instant flood of agency calls for the first three days. The silence for weeks afterwards also rather sucks.

Late morning, I toddled up to Fisherman’s Cove because they have a teeny tiny Job Search place up there. The lady in there was very nice, looked over my resume and pointed out where it could be improved and why the organisation of it might need changing to better suit Canadian employers. Very handy. She also showed me the location of a list of job websites and advised me that I should seriously look at government and university jobs as well, based on my experience. Huh. Never thought of doing that!

So this morning’s plan will be to revise my resume again and do a bit more lurking on job websites. I hate job hunting with a fiery passion.

The fun part of yesterday was the afternoon. Da and I went down to Rainbow Haven, our local beach, and spent the afternoon paddling and walking and playing. It was great fun 🙂 The weather was grey and overcast, refreshingly cool rather than brrr cold and it blew out the cobwebs beautifully. Plus there was actual paddling in the ocean. Yay!

Then the evening involved yummy shrimps for supper, consumption of cider and the most amazing sunset imaginable watched from our deck.

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