Belated catch-up posts (with added hurricanes)

This week seems to have been busier than ever, although I’m not sure how much actual useful stuff I have achieved!

Monday was Labour Day so we drove up to Sugar Moon for pancakes, maple syrup and amazing maple baked beans. The time in the sugar camp and at the restaurant was lovely, but the drive was less so. This is mainly because I appear to be cursed with torrential rain whenever I am looking for an exit from the highway. I’m very proud of myself for driving all that way up the highway. Er, I asked Da to drive back while I recovered from the torrential rain experience 🙂

The evening was spent constructing furniture and we now have a lot of the office set up. Just got a bit more furniture building to do tomorrow. Um, yay?

Tuesday was another out and about day, going to about ten different places to buy stuff that the house still needs. The good news it that we now have a DVD recorder, some stationary, various items for making cards (?) and a full set of chairs in the dining room.

A lot of Wednesday was sacrificed to the cause of going to customs and signing for my shipping. It will arrive on Monday and I am going to be so happy. My highway/torrential rain curse struck again, which was…exciting. The rest of Wednesday was lost to bundling up the cardboard from all the furniture so that it could be taken away by the garbage truck.

Mum and I are thinking of starting a business as flat-pack furniture builders and cardboard bundlers.

Da is going back to England today and, in the four weeks that he’s been here, he’s hardly done anything except build furniture, shop (for furniture) and do an awful lot of work for his companies in England. So he decided that he wanted to spend Thursday and Friday being a tourist.

Thursday we drove down to Mahone Bay for the day. Why have we never done that before? It’s a beautiful town, picture postcard beautiful, and filled with lovely little shops that Mum and I have decided we need to make a return visit for. There is an absolutely fabulous yarn shop, Have A Yarn, that is possibly the biggest yarn shop we’ve ever seen. There is also a tea shop that sells the most amazing teas ever. We bought some rooibus and lemon that is gorgeous and Da fell in love with a rooibus and ginger tea. It’s good to have a place that can feed our love of wonderful teas 🙂 There was also a cafe/book seller, The Biscuit Eater, that makes great sandwiches and sells lovely old books. I might have picked up an old, original Nancy Drew 🙂

Yesterday (Friday) we decided to spend the day across the harbour. Da wanted to wander around and take photos and Mum and I thought he’d like the company. Sadly, our builder called just before we were due to leave with the news that the guy who is putting a new front door and storm door on was on his way. Um. So Mum decided to stay behind and supervise the guy and then pop out to buy some bungee cords so that we can strap down the bins and anything else fly-able on Sunday.

It was a great day out and I saw parts of the city that I’ve never really explored before. Sadly, my knee attempted to dislocate so I had to leave early 😦 I got Mum to pick me up from the bus stop because, even though it’s only a fifteen minute walk, I wasn’t that sure about my knee holding up to it. Da stayed into the evening to get the good light and really enjoyed himself.

Today we are just doing bits and pieces while Da potters around and packs. His flight is at 11pm tonight. The weather yesterday was amazingly hot but it’s cooler and wet today. We assured that the remnants of Hurricane Gustav will be passing over today. Tomorrow we’re getting what’s left of Hurricane Hanna, although the forecaster today says that it won’t be as bad as originally predicted here because the storm has changed track and the eye won’t be going over us any more. So just 30mm of rain and 65kph winds, heh.

I am now feeling very glad that I didn’t agree to contracting with Tesco. The office still isn’t really sorted, although I do finally have a desk rather than having to work from the sofa or my recliner. Monday is going to be hell with my shipping arriving, we’ll still be sorting on Tuesday probably (my aunt is come over to help us with it all) so it’s probably going to be Wednesday before I get a proper routine going and I *really* need to get some more work done on the job hunt thing. Two applications will definitely not result in a job any time soon.

Despite all of that, I am still really happy that I’ve done this.

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