I am sitting in my office, listening to the Proms on Radio 3 in beautiful quality through the Internet. It’s the last night and it’s usually a family thing. But Da is in England, watching the Proms on TV, and we had a chat during the interval through Skype with vidcam in operation. Mum is sitting at the other desk in the office with a book, we both have cups of tea after a busy day, and even though it’s not quite the same, it’s still lovely.

We finally made it over to the local yarn shop so that Mum could buy wool and a pattern because she was getting knitting withdrawal after discovering the project she brought with her required an errata from the manufacturer. It was great just to explore and discuss knitting with her and the girl in the shop. Slightly embarrassingly (but really nice, too) the girl in the shop knew who I was from Ravelry. Really nice moment.

The quality of the Proms broadcast that I’m listening to is amazing. A few years ago I couldn’t have hoped to have this from a streamed broadcast. Technology is what’s helping me to settle in here – all my job apps have been on-line (got a telephone interview on Monday, yay), I’ve met up with knitters from Ravelry and I can talk to Da regularly through Skype. I’m not sure that I could have done this move so well without all that lovely technology.

Now I’m getting back to listening to nationalistic songs and looking forward to some Sea Shanties.

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