I have a job interview on Wednesday!

I’m not sure whether I’ll take the job, but it’s good practise and they might be able to talk me into it. The company provides call centre ‘solutions’ that aren’t outsources to India, which is nice, and the job would be developing and maintaining the software that they provide for clients. There would be a nice mix of database work and web application work, so stuff that I’m familiar with and lovely new things to learn as well. It’s even based locally – less than 30 minutes drive on a good day.

I’m reluctant to take the first thing that I get offered (mostly because I have apps in for jobs that I’m much more enthusiastic about) but odds are that I won’t have to make that tough decision. It’s going to be good practise and I’m glad that the rest of my good interview shirts arrived last week with the shipping.

I’ve done my good worky stuff today (did some work for the Quakers as well as more job apps) so I’m going to sit back with episode 2 of this year’s Atlantis and knit a neckband on my sister’s cardigan.

I really need to get myself a nice monitor.

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