Interview progress and kitten update

Well, first of all I am fairly confident that I didn’t get the job but it was good experience. Not least because the guy asked me ‘what is normalisation and how is it achieved’ and I went totally blank. So I now know that in addition to revising all those typical interview questions, I need to go back to basics and revised my relational theory to be better prepared for the next one. So that’s cool.

The work does sound really interesting and I liked the company. In the highly unlikely event that they did offer it, I’d seriously consider saying yes. However, they are looking for someone with C# and ASP.Net who can hit the ground running and those are two skills that I don’t have.

It was really good experience, though, so I’m glad that I went. Back to the drawing board then!

On the kitten front…I have already been approved as an adopter by the SPCA. They’re now going to get into contact with the foster mother of the two that I spotted on their website to arrange a meeting. And if those two have been adopted, they’ve got lots of others for me to choose from. I’m approved as an adoptive mother!

My aunt has concluded that she’ll take her computer down to the repair shop at the end of the road. This is not due to any failure on my part, more due to all the work that her house-mate is insisting they have done around the house resulting in the house (and her computer room in particular) being complete bedlam. There is nowhere for us to sit and work on the thing and the constant noise, banging and construction dust isn’t helping. The repair shop do sound like they know what they’re doing, though, so I don’t feel too awful.

Someone reassure me that I’m right to advise my aunt not to run two anti-viruses at once? Apparently a friend advised her that it would be a good thing to do when the machine is sorted out (one is good, two must be better!) and I’m trying to talk her down from it.

And that is it. Today is going to be a quiet day. Or at least it will be when the piano tuner has finished playing!

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