Post the second: hair and books

The other adventure yesterday was trying out a new hair salon. The ladies on my f-list will understand about the pain and trauma this can inspire. Will they do a good job? Am I going to spend weeks growing out a cut I hate? Will the colour turn out well or am I going to look like something from a bad eighties movie until I can get to the drug store and cover it up?

The good news is that the trip went well. I like the colour a lot, although I might go for a slightly brighter red next time. I didn’t want to go straight for the bright, bright colours just in case they were too bright. Still, I like it.

The cut was also good. A little different to what I’ve had done before, but currently I like it. She’s cut it a little shorter and tighter around the back and let the front sections stay a little longer. Then she styled it as she dried, an entirely new experience for me. There was product! And possibly serum! It looks really nice – lies right, doesn’t flick out in unexpected directions (always an issue for me) and the stuff she smoothed over it at the end (er, serum? Maybe?) has tamed all the fly-away frizzy bits.

So I need some advice. She rubbed something into my hair before she started to dry it. What kind of thing might that have been? It seems to have made it style nicely and hold its shape without being all funny and sticky. And the stuff at the end, does that sound like some kind of serum?

Colour me clueless on girly hair styling products. Um, this may also be why I’ve always had problems with flicking out and fly-away bits and the other stuff that drives me crazy!

As I walked out of my job interview yesterday, I realised that I didn’t have a book with me for the salon. I know that there’s usually a decent length of time while I wait for dye to do its thing, so I usually have a book with me to read. Eeep! Obviously the only solution was to stop at Chapters on the way to the salon (Chapters being conveniently located just opposite the mall) and buy Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear. Er, and a little handbag can of yummy Godiva’s choccies as a treat for flunking the interview 😉 I’m only 30 pages in, but I can already safely say that I’m enjoying the book muchly. However, I must wait until I’ve finished my re-read (this time in hardback!) of Three Go to the Chalet School before I can carry on. I’m determined not to have more than three books on the go at once!

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