Banks, you fail

Today has been a day filled with frustration. Yuck. The biggest frustration is something that’s so simple in England.

I need to give my mother some money. In England I would have simply set her up as a payee and transferred the money. It would take thirty seconds and nobody would charge me for it. I’d even be able to set up a regular payment to her – for example, to pay rent! – without a hitch. We don’t bank with the same bank but that’s never been a problem.

Then there’s Canadian banks. Who apparently charge (both of us!) any time I want to transfer money straight to her.


I’m now trying to find out whether we can do this if she sets up an account at my bank or whether they’ll still charge us and, importantly, whether I can set up a regular payment to her for rent. It’s never the hard stuff that turns out to be hard, it’s the stuff that I’m accustomed to doing easily that takes time!

On top of that, our landscaper hasn’t turned up for the second day in a row (he promises to come tomorrow, honest) and the guy installing our central vac has promised to turn up at some stage today but with no particular time, thus scuppering any chances Mum had to leave the house today. Grrrr. She’s threatening to leave Canada and never come back. I’m sure she’ll be OK when she’s calmed down, but her entire time here has involved waiting around for people or phone calls or deliveries and she’s never getting to do anything else. I know that a lot of it is because there were so many things to get done and delivered (and Mum decided to do all of them at once when some could have waited until next year) but I think that’s hard for Mum to see when she’s the one constantly inconvenienced.


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