So I’m nearly done with writing for a challenge that I entered (I should make it just under the deadline). Hitting the word count has not been the problem. *Stopping*, that is proving to be the problem. What is it about challenges this year that is making be break the 2,500 word mark when I hadn’t managed that for eighteen months before?

In other news, I had a day out at Mahone Bay which was fabulous. There were books and yarn and amazing chocolate espresso cookies and then we went to my favourite steak place in the evening for supper. It turns out that a watched job board never produces jobs: while I was taking a day off, several jobs got posted that I could apply for! So today has been a bit more productive on that side than it has been.

Merlin has just finished downloading but I really need to finish the story and then go out to the store. I’ll definitely be back for my regular chat with historyterry unless the sky falls in. I’m starting to feel much more confident about driving on my own and, at the weekend, I finally seemed to get the hang of four-way stops. Go me!

Note to self: book driving lessons after lunch to make sure of stuff for driving test. Also, book driving test.

Now it’s back to the writing with some sustaining tea. Why is my throat sore?

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