Kitten update

Hmm. I have very little to discuss here because very little has happened over the last twenty-four hours. I am attempting to download something and I just need a few minutes to finish it and then…

So I thought, what do people like hearing about? Kittens!

Kate and Annie have had a traumatising weekend. In addition to yesterday’s anti-flea stuff, on Saturday they had their weekly claw clipping and they had their teeth brushed. Neither of them were entirely sure about it at first, but once their jaws were open and the itty bitty toothbrush was in they were quite happy. My kittens enjoy the sensation of chewing brushes and this was one they were *allowed* to chew. Plus they each got a treat at the end.

They’re low-calorie, dental treats. I am a mean mommy.

Annie enjoyed her tooth-brushing so much that she tried to muscle in on Kate’s time. Silly Annie. I really need to get a piccie of Kate’s expression when she’s chewing something like that, but she’s a camera-shy kittie. Unlike little Miss Annie, who practically poses for the camera.

The only slight cloud is that Kate had brought up a little bit of food two mornings in a row. This is coinciding with a sudden increase in appetite from both kittens. I’m actually relieved about the appetite because they’re not big eaters. The sickness, however, is worrying. Kate seems quite happy the rest of the time, active and busy and bright with no sign of fever. She’s napping no more nor less than normal. Today is a holiday so if she repeats the up-chuck tomorrow I’ll give the vet a call and see whether I should be worried or not.

Of course, I owned a cat who was sick regularly for her entire life with no ill effects so it’s hard to know.

This morning Annie was taking her morning nap. She woke up and streeetched and streeeetched and…

Stretched herself right off the sofa. Annie does the surprised look very well 🙂

My download has finished so I shall go and hunt down my mother and aunt and rescue them from the curious kittens.

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