Weird day

Turkey Day yesterday was good, although I think that I might have overdone the turkey a bit. But it was really *good* turkey and it was nice to spend the day with my mum and aunt.

Today is the day that Mum goes back to England. She leaves tonight on a night flight. It’s weird because a part of me can’t wait to start the independent part of my life and another part of me is going to really miss her. We’re out and about doing bits and pieces today, picking up bits that she wants to take back with her and taking my aunt out for lunch.

Somewhere in my day, I need to find time to nip down to the polling station and vote.

Mum was talking about taking a taxi to the airport last week because her flight is so late. We haven’t talked about it since. Not knowing the way (I’ve only driven it once) I’d prefer to have my aunt with me if I do drive it. But we haven’t arranged anything yet. I’ll feel guilty if Mum does take a taxi, but I suspect that I’ll also feel relieved and that’s going to make me feel even *more* guilty.

Hopefully I’ll feel much better about all of this tomorrow because Mum leaving won’t be hanging over me any more. Plus I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. I’m planning to take my written driving test, I have a driving lesson booked to prepare for the road test, there is grocery shopping that I need to do and in the evening I’m out at a dessert evening with some women from church.

For now, I’m going to get through today and remind myself that I’m not going to be lonely after Mum goes.

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