Job offer

The job that I interviewed for last week has made me an offer. The salary is less than I’d hoped for and the holiday is the statutory minimum, but the benefits are good and they have a company pension.

They’re emailing me the contract so that I can review it before saying yes.

It’s a job that I really liked the sound of and would very much like to take. I’m just wondering about the salary. There is apparently no wiggle room *sigh* I’ve been looking around to find out what my net income is likely to be and all the calculators that I can find look rather high. Obviously I’d love that high calculation! But is it real?

And I have no really clear idea what my monthly bills are likely to be. I can estimate vaguely, but I won’t know for sure until we’ve had the first power and water bills.

OTOH, it’s a good job.

I’ll have to talk to my parents. And send the contract to my father.

My big worry is that if I take this job and can’t manage on the salary then I’ll be in a bind. Except I do like the job. And it’s a job that can lead me places. Hmmm.

And in two hours I have to take my driving test. Must find some way to relax and stop stressing about everything.

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