I can haz driving licence y/y?

For the curious, I passed my test and now have a Nova Scotia driver’s licence 🙂

After worrying, stressing, and ending up at the stage of being ready to throw-up by the time the examiner came to my car, it turned out to be much easier than I thought. In fact, he just had me drive around the block and then passed me. No manoeuvres, nothing difficult, just a quick trip out and we were done.

Apparently he can usually tell the good drivers from the bad or so-so very quickly and he knew that it would be good before we got to the first stop sign. So he passed me despite me mucking up parking at the end!

I have just fired off an email to accept that job. Da thinks that I’ll survive comfortably on the salary and I trust him better than my own estimates of bills! There are good benefits (including full medical and company pension) although the holiday is only two weeks 😦 Damn UK holidays getting me used to five weeks holiday! I’ll have to find out whether the medical will cover EDS bearing in mind that it’s my biggest expense, but I’ll be happy if it includes drugs, optical and dental because those are likely to be my biggest bills right now. Any dislocations and doctor’s appointments etc. are picked up my the state medical coverage anyway.

That is why I sputtered incoherently when McCain tried to accuse Obama of bringing in socialised medicine “like they have in Canada and England” as though that’s a bad thing!! WTF world does he live in?

Anyway, that is the news and knowing that I’ve got myself a job does relieve some of my worry. Today I am going to do some cleaning in preparation for [info]paranoidangel42‘s arrival tomorrow and then curl up with some DVDs and declare a veg day. I really need one after the last couple of weeks!

BTW, why did no one tell me about season 4 Gray’s Anatomy? Why did I have to find out about in on a Butch/Femme board on Ravelry? And, um, why did I order the box-set just now? *is puzzled*

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