Pancakes, corn mazes and boats, oh my!

I’ve had a wonderful few days with [info]paranoidangel42 visiting. She arrived on Saturday and we had a relaxed evening recovering from her flight. Then on Sunday we did a bit of a road trip, visiting the sugar camp near Truro where they made PA some vegan gluten free pancakes (yay!) and took us on a tour of the camp so that we could learn how maple syrup was made. On the way back, we stopped at a corn maze that I’d heard discussion of and discovered that it was really rather a large maze in corn eight feet tall.

We ended up navigating by mud – “I haven’t seen that mud before!”

Monday was spent over in the city doing a bit of exploring. We visited capital hill in time to see the noon gun fired (quite a climb!) and, after lunch, explored the Museum of the Atlantic completely. It was fascinating to learn things about my city that I hadn’t learnt even after all these years of visiting.

Yesterday was a quiet day, visiting a second hand bookshop in the morning and mooching around at Fisherman’s Cove in the afternoon.

PA read a lot while she was here, trying to cram three Chalet School books from my shelves. But she did it! I spent a lot of time reading SFX and Doctor Who magazine borrowed from her. It was weird to realise that I actually miss them, despite rarely reading them when I lived in England.

Actually, what I think that I really miss is having a sci-fi fan around. Not that I had a sci-fi friend around much in England, but I got to chat Doctor Who and Star Trek with a couple of people at work and I’ve missed that. We spent a lot of time discussing other stuff, but we did spend a fair amount of time discussing Doctor Who, fic, writing, the state of sci-fi generally. Oh, and bitching about Willian Shatner’s ego. Heh.

I really need to find the sci-fi community here. Maybe there will be contacts at work? After all, I’m going to be employed as a Programmer (official job title!) and there are always geeks in IT 🙂

Now I’m going to watch Holby City (eee!), SJA and the hours of stuff that I videoed over the last couple of days. Still not entirely convinced about Fringe, but I did record it, and I already love My Own Worst Enemy. Heroes is always good and I have two episodes of that stored up.

I also have two Doctor Who DVDs from the library. After all, I don’t need to job hunt anymore!

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  1. Cristina
    Oct 23, 2008 @ 06:06:58

    there are always geeks in IT

    Except at *my* IT! *grumbles*
    I work for a software company that specialises in space and satellites, you’d figure there’d be geeks around…
    I have one geek sitting across me, and the rest are not. They can all be lead to talk geeky, but they are not geeks. Lunchtimes are spent discussing football, fashion, etc. After years of being one of the least geeky people of my group of friends, now I’m the geekiest one in the building.
    This makes me grumpy.

    I hope you have better luck! I found several SF groups where I live by googling, so I can meet more geeks in person.


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