Things I miss

Mum has been gone for a bit over a week and I’m now starting to notice the odd things that I miss about England. It’s weird because a lot of them aren’t things that I thought I’d miss.

Radio 2 – particularly Chris Evans while I’m driving home.

The Today show on Radio 4.

The Independent newspaper.

BBC dramas.

Private Eye.

I’ve found a way around most of those. I’ve finally got RealPlayer to work so that I can now use Listen Again on the BBC website. I’ll be able to listen to the Today show while I eat brekkie (or at least a bit of it) and listen to Chris Evans when I get home from work.

I’ve found sources for BBC dramas (yes, that includes Holby City because I am a complete addict).

I’ve signed up for the BBC News email so that I can get some news every day that reports on things happening outside Nova Scotia. I’m struggling to even find national news for Canada, never mind world news!

The Indy has an on-line version and, if I can ever get it not to error, I’ll sign up for their e-newsletter. I may also get Mum and Da to pop a copy in the post to me at odd times.

I can subscribe to Private Eye ( and I may treat myself as a birthday pressie.

When I was planning the move, I assumed that there would be other things that I’d miss: my old house, my library, the little local shops, places and people that have been around since I was a baby. I have the odd pang for those things, but nothing major and it’s been much easier to adjust without those. Finding that I miss the news sources and the BBC is a bit of a surprise. Thankfully most of it can be worked around in some way and I’m very glad that I did this now rather than ten years ago when none of this Internet-based stuff was available.

Today I went up to the mall for a haircut and to buy a couple of bits for work (new coat, couple of new tops). I start on Monday and I’m very excited. October seems to have rushed by with me barely noticing. It’s my birthday in four weeks – how did that happen?

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  1. Steph VW
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 17:07:49

    When I moved to Nova Scotia, I missed the local radio station at home. It was “international” radio – Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick. I missed the accents of the American broadcasters, the silly ads (American radio ads are quite funny) and the insanity of the call in show where people were buying, selling, or trading things, looking for lost animals, advertising events, etc. It was quite comical.

    It’s funny what you miss and what you don’t about home. It’s always the little things that you don’t expect.

    Best of luck in your new job!


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