Day 2 of the new job

Hmm, it seems that I’ve gone from a job where I never had enough hours in the day to one where my supervisor hasn’t got the time to train me. So I spent the day reading manuals and documentation that will probably make a lot more sense when I actually get a glimpse at the kind of work I’ll be doing.


Whoever would have thought that I’d miss my old job?

Still, I figure it’s going to get a lot better when they start giving me actual things to do. The other thing of weirdness is that I’m in a cubicle rather than a row of desks. On one hand, I can personalise to my heart’s content and I’ll be able to get my head down and do work when I need to. OTOH, it’s very lonely in there. Most people are sharing a double cubicle between two, which would have been much nicer, but apparently there wasn’t a spare slot so I have my own private palace.

One girl stopped by for a chat this morning. Which was nice. What is the etiquette for popping round to other people’s cubicles for a chat?

The part that didn’t suck is that I found my social insurance card. It was under the desk where I was filling out forms yesterday and thankfully no cleaners had nicked off with it. So yay. Important documentation retrieved, tax-paying abilities restored and therefore I shall actually receive some pay at some stage.

Does anyone have any good recs to cheer me up?

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