Day 3 of the new job

Today I was given access to the Unix logins so I got to play around and learn something. Most importantly, I learned how to check the logs that I will need to check each morning which means that I finally have something to do!

OK, so I have something to do for 5 minutes a day and I’ve exhausted the list of ‘things I can do to play around in Unix’ after seven hours solid of it *sigh*

I am trying to persuade myself that this job will get better.

The girl in the cubicle next door popped around for a quick chat because we both have birthdays in November and she’s never met anyone with a birthdate in her month. So that was nice.

Somehow, I think that I felt better before I started work. OK, so I was excited about having routine in my life again, getting out and meeting people…but this isn’t what I thought it would be.

The good news is that desperation and boredom are having their usual effect – I’ve got writing juices flowing again.

Now I’m going to write a bit, then watch some TV before heading for an early night.

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