Day 4 at work (plus some DW babble)

*shivers violently*

Yesterday it was a little chilly in the office, so I wore a warmer top today in defense. Today the heat has been turned down even further and I am completely frozen, despite the warmer clothing. I am trying to decide whether wearing a thick sweater tomorrow will:

a) cause the building facilities to turn the heat right up and bake me.
b) cause the building facilities to turn on the A/C to produce sub-zero temps.

I’m kind of betting on a), but b) would also be unpleasant so I think the only guarantee is that they’ll do one of those and definitely won’t leave the heat where it is.

In other news, there was the prospect of almost getting some work this morning beyond my five mintues of log-checking. Yay! I even understand what needs doing.

Except that it uses Oracle Warehouse Builder, for which there is very little useful documentation (here or on Google searches) and the ‘experts’ don’t have time today to give me a crash course so that I can figure the damn thing out. Random clicking has so far not helped much.

I’m back to the manuals. Again. Sadly none for OWB. Still, seeing what I might get to do once someone has had time to show me the software is comforting because it does actually look interesting and challenging. I’m just still now able to do anything about it!

In other, less depressing thoughts…

For anyone not keeping up on current Doctor Who kerfuffles and reading via RSS, don’t read on.

So Tennant really is going after the specials? Huh. I’m actually really sad about losing Ten, although we’ll get to keep him for a year, and at the same time really excited about having a regeneration and all the speculation about who it will be and how it will happen. Tennant was pretty much a done deal already when the Ecclestone news broke, so I’ve never been on-line for the pre-regeneration build-up before. Particularly as it’s going to be at least a year before they need to bring the new guy in so casting probably hasn’t started yet.

In many ways, I think it could be a good thing because it gives Moffat a clean slate to start with. RTD is very obviously clearing the decks for him, although I would also have loved to see what Moffat could do with Ten. Still, it will be interesting to see how he does it (and whether it’s an RTD special or the Moffat opener that does it) and who they pick. There are so many excellent candidates! So many wonderful actors out there
who could do fantastic things with the character! So many different ways to go with the character!

*This* is one of the many things that I love about Doctor Who. We lose actors and incarnations, but we never lose the core of the Doctor. At the same time, we get to see different personalities and interpretations of the character and his history without feeling like he’s not ‘him’. Tennant’s Doctor obviously had the experiences of Nine, his loves and hates and damage, and he had influences from previous Doctors, yet at the same time he was totally unique and different from the previous Doctors. It’s the only reason that this show has survived for so long and I can’t wait to see what its next incarnation will be like.

So, any comments from the rest of my f-list?

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