Just a couple of things…

I went to a baby shower on Sunday. It was my first one. Surprised myself by having a good time, despite having to give the expectant mother an IOU note because I’d only been given a week’s notice and that isn’t time to knit something. Thankfully most of the other knitters at the party were in the same position 🙂 I have the pattern, I shall be scouting the yarn, and I have until February.

In other news, the kittens had their check-up and jabs on Saturday and I really need to get some new photos of them up. Annie is now officially bigger than Kate: 3 lb 15 compared to Kate’s 3 lb 12. The vet is very pleased with them, they’re growing at a healthy weight and they both look great. They have to go back for their rabies vaccine on Saturday and then they need no further jabs until next year. Although they do have a small operation booked for January…

Today at work was better than last week. I got things to do (although there was a bit of time manual reading while my supervisor found a change request for me to look at this afternoon) and the folks that I invited myself to sit with last week invited me to a tea break this morning and invited me to lunch. I’m feeling like I might actually make some friends there.

Merlin continues to be silly and fun and I adore it to itty bitty pieces. Heee. Mum and Da are promising to bring me Little Dorrit at Christmas which saves me some downloading. I’ve also started to get a little bad and bring my supper down to the rec room so that I can watch DVDs while eating. Bad Sel. I’ve managed to persuade the cats that they can’t sit on me or eat my food at this time so I regard that as a bit of a victory. I’m also getting really determined about training them not to attack or eat my knitting because I enjoy my knitting time.

I certainly feel much better about all of this than I did a week ago. Last week was certainly my low wobble week and hopefully from now everything will just get better and easier to deal with.

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