Freezer overload and library shenanigans

This morning I put half my package of bread rolls into the freezer and kind of looked at this stuffed-to-overflowing monstrosity that my mother left me with a feeling of horror.


Possibly one thing that I shall do this weekend is pull everything out and take an inventory. This shall be pinned to the fridge/freezer so that I can check what is in there and cross things off as I defrost and consume them. Otherwise it’s going to be ridiculous. Is it sad that I’m wondering how to design an Excel spreadsheet and forms to ease this process?

The problem is that my mother, who I love dearly, left me with a surplus of certain things that I rarely eat. I have three and a half loaves of bread! Um, I eat very little bread except for the odd slice of toast with poached eggs or as a late night toasty Marmitey snack. Left to my own devices, I might get through an entire loaf in the course of two months. My parents eat a ton of bread and Mum still hasn’t quite worked out (after twenty nine years) that we have differing habits on bread products. Rolls are easier to package up for lunch at work, nice little rolls enable me to have a couple of different fillings in a lunch and rolls are easier to eat while reading.

I also suspect that I have far more pork loin chops than I can healthily eat. If anyone has some great (easy) recipes for dealing with that excess, I’d love to hear them.

The only thing that I have contributed to the excess is some shrimp cakes (mmm, shrimp…), a couple of skinless boneless chicken breasts and some beef mince. These can easily be consumed because the chicken and beef are staples for me. All the bread, haddock (?), sole, pork, beef strips, chicken complete with bone and skin, and bacon came from mother. This is just what I’ve been able to spy during my raids looking for a night’s supper ingredients. She did helpfully label everything (after I requested it) so that I don’t have unidentifiable stuff lurkng, but I really feel the need for an inventory. Until some stuff is cleared out of my freezer, I cannot purchase anything else that might need freezing and there are things that I’d like to have around but can’t due to the space issues.

I have also been looking closely at my big rec room downstairs. The kittens no longer need crating over night or while I’m out, so their crate should really be collapsed and put away. It will make that half of the rec room look a little neater and give me some space to set up the treadmill for a bit of exercise each day. The problem is that I need something to put their litter tray on that will be easy to wipe clean (and disinfect) but I
currently have nothing. Ditto for something to put their bowls on. I’m going shopping after work for a couple of other bits so I’ll take a look at what I can find. I just don’t know what I’m looking for! Getting the rec room sorted out will make me feel better because right now half that large room is a kitty palace and there are other things that we could do with that space. Not that I don’t love the kittens, but…it would be nice to have that room looking tidier.

Sorting out the freezer and the rec room are my goals for the weekend. Plus doing the cleaning without wrecking my back. I’m discovering the joys of household management. Yay me.

In other news, I have remembered that I forgot to bring the library books that I was going to return on the way home from work. Silly me. But wait! It turns out that I can renew them on-line so rather than face fines, I can renew them and return them on a day when I can remember to bring them with me. Say, on Friday on the way to pick up my aunt for supper. Go me! Modern technology is amazing.

Also, I do not have permissions for certain tables which means that all the things Supervisor S has assigned to me are rather impossible. Bleh. But Supervisor L is pissed about this so I may finally get the permissions. Yay! I have no idea how ‘heirarchy’ works here. There is definitely no defined anything anywhere to guide me as to who I need to suck up to 🙂

Um, apparently there is a Christmas do at the end of the month. Paid for. The same day as I have a hair appointment and am therefore likely to be quite rushed for getting there, but it might be fun. Um? Or I could
hide in my house and pretend I never saw the email, social butterfly that I am.

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