Election follow-up

I should have thoughts about last night, but mostly I’m just stuck at “He actually did it?”

Even yesterday morning, there was a part of me expecting to be disappointed because it still seemed impossible for a black guy with great ideas and a huge amount of hope to actually win. In politics it’s usually the white guy with tired old ideas that wins because he’s familiar and safe. People don’t like to take chances when they vote no matter what they tell the pollsters because that’s scary and if they make a poor choice then they’re stuck with it. Who you vote for can have a huge influence in your life because politicians have the power to make those big changes.

So a large part of me was expecting to be disappointed and praying that I
was wrong.

I am so glad that I’m wrong.

Time will tell whether Obama is a good president, but I have hope that he will be and right now that’s such a strange feeling. The leader of one of the most powerful nations on Earth is someone that I can respect and feel good about for the first time in eight years. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

In other news…

It’s the first Thursday in the month so it must be eat out with the knitters tomorrow night! Apparently we’re going for Mexican at a place across the harbour and the menu looks rather nice. I’m going to meet one of the girls at the bus terminal so that she can shepherd me on and off the right buses and I’m actually quite excited about this. Great food plus knitting plus knitting friends seems like a fantastic night out to me!

Also, I have taken defensive action against the chiller cabinet that is my office. I brought a big fleece jacket with me to huddle in when the cold gets too much. Today I am determined that I will not leave this place chilled to the bone. It takes hours to warm up from that kind of abuse *sigh*

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