Bit of a babble

I’m starting to get a handle on the software that I’m using for my new job, although I still have to ask silly questions a couple of times day. The good thing is that one teeny tiny change I’ve made is into testing in
pre-production and I’m actually getting somewhere with the new change request that I was given on Monday. It feels like I’m actually starting to settle into this job.

It’s still slightly unreal and wonderful to see everyone talking about President-Elect Obama. He really did it! Reading my f-list has been wonderful, from the short, jubilant posts through to [info]loneraven‘s account of her election night party. It’s not often that we all agree on something and this an amazing thing to agree on. The next few months are going to be so interesting.

I had thoughts that I was going to relate. Insightful thoughts. There was fandom in them. Er, my brain isn’t working too well. Roll on Friday 4.30pm!

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