Socks and Holby City, oh my

Is it the weekend yet?

On Tuesday I thought that I’d been really smart and got everything ready to go out for recycling last night. Er, turns out that I didn’t and it took me a while to get everything sorted out. I am learning. Other than that, yesterday evening was pretty good. Or at least, relaxing. I stayed a bit late at work to make up for some time that I’ll be out on Friday and that, combined with the recycling debacle and my sudden attack of ‘OMG, starving, must eat NOW’ meant that I apparently missed historyterry by about five minutes. D’oh!

But I got my sock cast on. And I watched Holby City, which was excellent and I am pleased to see that Connie is returned to her bitchy ways after her little recent wobble. Although I do wonder why anyone stays working there after discovering that they’re pregnant, because if they don’t miscarry after being attacked by a patient or falling down stairs then they’re guaranteed to get stuck in an awkward situation and need their colleagues to deliver them. Possibly in a lift.

I love my cracky show.

I am now waiting for my supervisor to find something for me to do. It appears that she expected the job she gave me to take at least another week. Um. Obviously I learn to fast for her. Tonight I am out knitting, tomorrow I celebrate my first paycheck by taking my aunt out for a meal and I plan to collapse at the weekend because I am mysteriously shattered despite the holiday this week and the less hectic lifestyle that I currently lead.

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