Wash-out weekend

Every year there is a Christmas parade through the city. It has floats and marching bands and Santa and I love parades, so I arranged to meet up with a knitting friend and her family and go to it.

The weather reports indicated that there was a possibility of light showers in the afternoon.

The weather was actually torrential rain which started about fifteen minutes before the parade reached our part of the route.


We gave up before the parade was even a quarter of the way through because we were all totally soaked – even the people in waterproofs. The umbrellas were leaking, that’s how bad it was.

I waded back to the ferry (literally, there was ankle-deep water in places) and the only bright spot was that I’d left so early the ferry wasn’t overloaded and I was able to get on the first one that came. My body does not do soaked and cold well.

Today I’ve had a persistent headache (worse than my normal headache) and my back and hip have been stiff and painful. So I didn’t do much and didn’t even make it to church. Can I have a do-over on my weekend? The bright spot was getting to talk to my parents this afternoon through Skype. It made me feel a little less unhappy. Also my aunt has agreed to stay over on Saturday night so that I don’t have to wake up in an empty house on my birthday.

Remind me never to go out to a parade unless I have assurances that there is no chance of bad weather?

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