Children in Need and Doctor Who

I managed to catch a fair bit of the Children in Need coverage over the weekend (shut up! I donated, OK?) and it looked like and insane but fun night. The newsreaders were a particular delight, but they’re always fab, and I got a huge kick out of the Top Gear/Ashes to Ashes slot. For some reason, I also adored the Bill portion even though I didn’t recognise three quarters of the cast.

I will not attempt to start watching the Bill again. Seriously, no. It’s bad enough that I’ve not been able to shake the Holby City addiction.

Obviously the important bit, though, was the Doctor Who sneak-peak 🙂

OMG, how much fun was that sneak peak? It was just great! The atmosphere of it was fun and light, with that storybook Victorian Christmas morphing into a Doctor Who set-up and then just going slightly crazy with the regressed Cyberman and the not!Doctor.

He even had a Rosalita.

And that wink 🙂

And the Alons-y 🙂

If he is a future Doctor, then it’s understandable that Ten doesn’t recognise him. The Doctors never know what their future looks like. I’m leaning towards him not being a real future Doctor because not!Doctor didn’t recognise Ten and I’m sure that the Docs usually recognise their previous incarnations. Possibly.

It definitely creates a lot of intrigue and now I can’t wait for Christmas. I shall be forcing my Canadian relatives to sit through the episode as soon as it can be *ahem* acquired even if it requires a bit of explanation, which I suspect that it will. Perhaps I can force-feed some of them a few previous eps on Christmas Eve?

Anyone else want to put in their speculative 2p? And please, no real, confirmed spoilers just speculation because I don’t want to be spoiled, darnit.

Hmm, wonder whether I can persuade my sister to bring the Christmas Radio Times out with her…

In other news, my work has kindly given me a payslip and, er, no pay. Hmm. Time to shout at HR, methinks. Haven’t needed the work crap tag for a while…

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