An optimist speaks

Yesterday someone stole half my spoons, making it a very unpleasant day.

Today I have a couple more spoons, but the cutlery drawer isn’t exactly overflowing. I probably have three-quarters of my usual spoons. The day should have been easier and it’s true that right now I’m working away, feeling tired and sleepy but better than yesterday.

The problem is that I might have been optimistic about the “it’s just fatigue, not a virus” thing. Either that or my asmtha has decided to be triggered by fatigue 😦

It crept up and surprised me. One minute I was plugging away with my work, then I noticed that I was coughing a little bit and then – maybe five minutes later – I realised that not only was I coughing a lot, but I was also struggling to catch my breath after each cough and my lungs were filling with liquid.

I’ve learned my lesson so my asthma meds were sitting in my handbag. I made a trip to the bathroom to take my inhalers (where my boss caught me – her daughter apparently has asthma so she understands) and ten minutes later it was pretty much over. Not a full attack because I’d caught it in time, but I know what it would have turned into given another ten minutes without meds. Three hours later I’m still at my desk, my lungs have stayed fairly clear and I’m mostly just headachey and sore throat-ey. And really tired.

I just can’t decide whether I’d prefer this to be a virus or a new thing that fatigue does to me.

Perhaps I’ll give knitting a miss tonight and spend the evening curled up in bed.

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