I can has parents?

My parents are here! Woot!

Their flight sounds like a bit of a nightmare and they finally touched down three hours late, but they’re here 🙂 I’m selfishly glad that I didn’t go to pick them up – I would have had less than an hour’s sleep in the end if I had! Mum didn’t actually go to bed. She sat up in my recliner, dozing, until I got up and she looked really awake when I left.

She’s going to crash later, I know it.

They both needed a cup of tea when they got in – after assuring me that they’d be going straight to bed! – because they were stressed and awake. In fact, they behaved exactly as I predicted so I’m laughing quietly at Mum 🙂 Da spent a few minutes cuddling with Kate in his chair (awww) which relaxed him enough to actually go to sleep when he went to bed.

Who is this man and what has he done with my father? He never cuddled Cassie and Skipper when they were alive!

Anyway, I am officially relieved and happy to finally have them here safely.

In other news…

I was looking through this journal last night and not one of the entries on the front page was actually fannish. When did I get boring? When did I stop wibbling about fannish stuff? I assure you, I’ve not stopped reading, watching and thinking about fannish stuff. I adored the Merlin season finale to itty bitty pieces and I’m hunting out all the meta I can find. SJA made me super happy so I need to do a season 2 review post. It’s only eight days until the Doctor Who Christmas special and that’s making me very excited. Has everyone seen the DW Advent Calendar on the BBC site?

And yet, I don’t actually seem to discuss any of that on this journal.

That’s it. I’m determined. There shall be at least one fannish post per week from this day forward. It’s my pre-New Year’s resolution.

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