Well, that was fun…NOT

I had my follow-up appointment with the new doctor last night, which was rather less fun than I’d hoped. We started out with a Very Painful Examination (TM) that had me in tears and not quite muffling the screams. I’ve got some beautiful gouges in the backs of my hands where I was trying to dig my nails in rather than scream. Truely, I am a work of art. The VPE was abandoned part way through because she wasn’t comfortable continuing – we shall reschedule and try again. Possibly next century.

I reminded her that the receptionist had called to get me to come for my blood work results (something she had forgotten) and they were almodt as expected. Kidneys look fine, not diabetic, slightly anemic. My unrinalysis is inconclusive so she wants to repeat that and get it cultured in case I have a UTI. Bleh. She also wants more blood work because she wants to know *why* I’m anemic. Um, because most women in my family are? I do follow her logic about the “if we know why and treat it, perhaps you’ll feel better” thing and I know that I always look pale, fatigued and unwell (undoubtedly why she’s made that comment) but I’ve been anemic for years and I’ve looked this way since I was a wee tot. OTOH, if some of my fatigue is due to anemia rather than EDS and we can treat it, that might be nice. Falling asleep at my desk simply isn’t a good look for a new hire.

She seems very timid about the EDS and asked whether the pain during the VPE was due to EDS. To be honest I have no idea so it’s time to hit the forums (again) and ask around. I think she’s afraid of doing real damage to me if the exam is hurting this much. Perhaps she’s read around and heard about some types of EDS being associated with fragile, easily torn tissues?
And people wonder why I hate seeing the doctor!

I’ll also ask the rheumy when I see her in a couple of weeks – apparently appointments don’t usually come up this fast so I wonder whether she got excited about seeing a referral for an EDS-er? Does that mean I’ll be an exciting new case for her or does she already have one on her books? Hmm. The joy of being a medical rarity!

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