Christmas kitties

Last night we went out and bought our Christmas tree. Note to self: trees are better bought during daylight.


The tree has been set up in its stand in our upstairs living room. We had been anticipating two possible reactions: bored indifference or climbing it. The first was hoped for, the second seemed more likely.

We got a third, unexpected reactio: complete terror.

Annie is definitely not impressed with the prickles, but she’s at least willing to be in the same room with it. Kate won’t go near it. She doesn’t want to see it. We’ve put their things in the craft room so they can be shut away at night (in case they decide to climb or destroy decorations) and she’s decided that the only place she feels safe is cowering in a corner of the craft room or sitting in the sink in my bathroom. Her biggest problem is that she can see the tree (lurking threateningly?) when she makes the dash from the craft room to the bathroom.

Poor Kate.

We’re hoping that when we’ve got decorations on it she might be a little happier. It’s definitely not what we expected! Annie can’t work out why her sister is being such a fraidy cat.

Of course, Annie spent the first day he was here hiding from Da while Kate was cuddly and adorable to him. We think it was the height and his deep voice that unnerved her. Now she’s quite happy with him and he sealed the deal last night with a photo shoot of them while Mum and I made supper. Annie loves being photographed 🙂 He even managed to get some good shots of Kate while she was awake, a very rare thing. Then we brought a tree into the house and terrifed Kate witless. We’re so mean.

Christmas with my girls is going to be…interesting.

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  1. sandysays1
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 09:16:32

    My half-sisters (Feline) are enamored with our tree. Sugar eats tinsel to the horror and chagrin of my human’s and Missy plays swat the low hanging globes. See likes the blue ones best. I’ve taken to sleeping in front of the tree to protect it. Visit me at and read “Claus and the Consultant,” Wear your lauging shoes and enjoy my canine gift to all my visitors and friends


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