Travelling + snow = stuck in Newark

Apparently, my family cannot travel in December without thousands of issues.

The good news is that my sister’s flight left England and got to Newark.

The bad news is that the flight from Newark to Nova Scotia has been cancelled due to the weather. Continental’s first available flight was on Christmas Day. Yup, living in the airport until Christmas Day.

Continental has managed to put her onto a flight tomorrow to Moncton. We have a cousin in Moncton and, if the flight goes, she can stay with him until someone can get her on she can get a train here. Thankfully, we managed to get her a hotel room for the night so she won’t be sleeping on a floor in Newark. Now she just has to get her luggage somehow (she’s a in a queue) and get the hotel shuttle to pick her up.

Who would have thought it would be this hard to get three people to Nova Scotia?

There’s nothing more we can do and at least we know that she’ll be OK tonight, unlike a lot of passengers who probably didn’t have family sorting out alternate flights and hotel bookings. Plan is that we’re all off to bed now and we’ll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

It’s possible that I might be working from home because my parents are *not* taking their rental car to New Brunswick with its all-season tyres. If it’s possible to travel (oh, god, the Cobequid Pass again) at all then they’ll drive my car with its winter tyres and load them down with snacks, blankets, candles, matches, hot drinks and anything else that I can think of.

Please, lots of prayers for my sister’s safe arrival here would be very much appreciated right now.

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