And the lights came back!

Believe me, Christmas Eve is not the day that you want a nine hour power cut! Apparently a large part of the province was out, including most of the city, but that somehow doesn’t make it better…

Anyway, I’m still here and I now have lights and heat. The Christmas pud is being constructed ready to be cooked tomorrow, the veggies amongst us are getting up early to prepare their meal tomorrow (as that was one of the things we meant to do today and it had been postponed from an original day of Monday) and we are largely ready.

The one minor technical hitch is that my sister and I have hardly and presents to give. D’oh! They are all in my sister’s luggage (except for my present to her) which might be at the airport now but is unlikely to be reunited with her until after Christmas. Still, she’s here and my cousin is here and it’s nice to have pressies well spaced 🙂

Hopefully tomorrow is going to be great whatever happens because we’ll all be together. I see that the Yuletide archive is due to open in two hours but I may not be awake then 🙂 So I’ll look forward to fictionny presents when I can get a few minutes at the computer. With luck, I’ll be able to get the Doctor Who special tomorrow evening and I’ll be introducing a few family members to it. Heh.

I wish everyone out there a Happy Christmas. Whatever you are celebrating, have a lovely holiday and enjoy being with the people you’re with. That is my Christmas wish this year.

And then we lost the power again…

ETA: And then the power came back five minutes later…

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