Frantic Christmas, but mostly good

When we finally got there, Christmas was great. The massive power outage on Christmas Eve made things rather tricky (we usually have a fair bit of the meal constructed before Christmas morning) and my uncle turning up three hours early didn’t help, but we got there and it was a fun day. Phew!

We finally got to open presents, and found time to sit down and watch Doctor Who, at around 10pm on Boxing Day. Yes, it was rather busy. The airline was lovely and delivered my sister’s luggage that afternoon despite assuring us that they couldn’t, so we’re currently feeling very grateful to Continental.

Saturday was spent with my aunt and cousin visiting us, which was actually really good fun and possibly the first time that any of us really relaxed for about a week. It’s been a stressful holiday season!

Yesterday started off with a bang – literally! The power transformer outside our house blew up at around 7.45am. So no power, again.

I am *so* over power cuts now.

The guys who came to fix it then blew it up even better at around 9am, creating a bigger bang and a big flash of fire. They then went away to get some more people and some equipment. Power was finally restored at noon so we were able to turn on some heat (because the heat had been turned down for the night) and get showers and hot drinks. Phew! The afternoon was spent in front of the TV with DVDs because we really needed a rest from our holiday.

Work today is insane – can I go home now?

Due to all the craziness and power cuts, this is the first time that I’ve actually been on-line since Christmas Eve. That must be a record for me! I’ll have a DW review as soon as I’ve got ten minutes to actually write it and hopefully everything is going to be plain sailing from now on. I really hope.

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