New Year’s Eve madness

I have decided that it is a good thing I had no plans for New Year apart from veging out with the family. The forecasters are predicting a blizzard to come in this evening that will reduce visibility to nothing, dump 25cm of snow on us and generally make venturing outside impossible until it’s over. Tomorrow it’s not likely to be much better even when the storm ends due to high winds and blowing snow.

Ah, the joys of winter 🙂

Everything seems to be falling over on my systems today and, unfortunately, I’m now the person who has to fix it. Yay. Still, at least there are people here to answer my questions today unlike yesterday.

I’m seriously contemplating working from home this afternoon. It seems like the storms here always arrive hours before the forecasters estimate they will and the last thing I want is to get stuck here or, even worse, end up driving through it. Being tucked up at home in the office (where it is actually warm, unlike my building here) sounds like a much better plan.

I predict a lot of shovelling in my future tomorrow. Happy New Year, everyone!

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