Everyone survive New Year?

The good news is that I survived a storm without losing my power. Score!

I thought it was a moderately nasty blizzard, but everyone at work has been remarking on the sheer badness of the blizzard so I’m guessing that it was a monster. Apparently work would definitely have been cancelled yesterday if it hadn’t been a holiday – couldn’t the blizzard have come today instead?

The snow is the light, powdery stuff that the wind keeps picking up and blowing into other places so the roads aren’t particularly clear despite the best efforts of the ploughs. I got to work safely and feel quite impressed with myself because the highway was a monument to insanity, snow and ice. There was this moment as I passed an exit that was particularly snow where the wind picked up and my car was getting slid around all over the place. Yuck! I’d been considering going out at lunch today to buy a new carrier for my cats (they’re too big for the original) but the roads are definitely not good enough to be doing unnecessary driving, especially out here where it doesn’t look like the ploughs even tried.

Tomorrow’s plans to drive down to Mahone Bay are definitely subject to weather and road condition 🙂

New Year was fun. We sat around and watched DVDs. Little Dorrit and Wallander were both excellent. Mum and I got my sister started on knitting yesterday. So far, she’s knitting and purling happily on a test square, although there are a few holes and the square is looking rather triangular. Aw. She just needs some practise. She’s still determined, which is good.

I’m trying to ignore the fact that the parents and my sister go back England on Monday. It’s been great having them here for a while.

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