New rheumy

This morning I got to visit with my new rheumy, Dr O. She is actually lovely, happy to keep an eye on me but not wishing to disrupt things that don’t need disrupting. She’s a firm believer in exercise and physio, thinks that walking is excellent for my back (first medical professional who has actually said anything like that) and was only slightly stunned by my family medical history.

As expected, she poked and prodded and confirm that I don’t have Vascular EDS, which is nice. However, she does want a copy of my echocardiogram. You know how I thought that Dr S had fudged the referral a little and invented a murmur to get me the echo faster?

Well, not so much. I do in fact have a heart murmur. So she wants the echo for definite to reassure myself that my heart is OK. Oops. And apparently my slight scoliosis (which I thought was another doctor fantasy) is visible to the eye, but not actually doing anything so that’s cool.

She’s very happy to keep seeing me a couple of times a year and she said that I can call for a fast appointment should anything flare up that needs checking. I definitely like her. She’s sane, sensible and caring.

The only bad news she had is that my usual anti-inflammatory painkiller, Arcoxia, has not been approved for use here and is likely never to be. Damn. Might have been nice if Dr M had noticed this and warned me when we were discussing my medications a month ago or at the check-up two weeks ago.

I have two options: get sneaky scripts from the UK (far too complicated) or start trying to find an alternative. She wants me to work with my GP on that so I’ll have to go back to Dr M. She fully supports me not bothering with things that I’ve already tried (so no diclofenac or tramadol, thank god) and suggested that celebrex might be worth a go. On the one hand, I hate the idea of going through the disruption of searching for an effective painkiller (particularly if it takes a couple of goes) but there isn’t really any choice and at least she’s not suggesting that I try going entirely without ‘just to see how I get on’ when I can still define my pain levels on the scale despite the drugs. Celebrex appears to be very similar to Arcoxia so I’ll have a chat to Dr M about it.

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