What I did on my weekend, or yarn, cookies and Doctors, oh my

Kate, who is still curled up in my lap, officially gave up on staying awake a moment ago when her head thunked down onto my leg and she started gently snoring. I love my cat?

This holiday season has been a bit of a wash out (or should that be snow out?) as far as getting out and about is concerned, so on Saturday we decided that it was time for a day trip. Thankfully the weather co-operated and it was cold but beautifully sunny. Little debate was needed to decide that Mahone Bay was our destination so we called around to check that our destinations were open and bundled into the car.

We got there just in time for lunch and popped into my favourite bookshop/eatery, The Biscuit Eater. I’d link to the website, but there appear to be some issues with pop-ups eating computers right now so instead take a look at the address and phone number on Canpages. Sadly the only vegan lunch option (black bean soup) had sold out just before we arrived so Da settled for a large muffin while the rest of us tucked into sandwiches and drank Christmas Tea. Two lovely old Nancy Drews fell into my hand on the way out, sadly 🙂 And we had to buy some of the chocolate espresso shortcakes to go because they are too gorgeous for words.

Then we walked down Main Street to Have a Yarn where I bought Mum some sock yarn for Christmas and my sister picked out a pattern for leg warmers to give herself a real project work on. I bought the yarn for a couple of small projects that cannot be talked about and treated myself to some Addi Turbo circular needs in 4mm and 3.25mm. I’m already a convert – I love them!

Finally, we stopped in at The Tea Brewery where I managed to resist the temptation to buy more tea (really, I have far too much already) but did find myself a little two cup tea pot so that Sunday afternoons with tea can be even more decadent.

After that, we decided that it was time to go home (Da was cold and I didn’t want to drive home in the dark) so we picked up my aunt on the way home and had a lovely family evening.

Yesterday was a quiet day at home, undecorating Christmas trees and generally getting things sorted out around here for my parents’ departure. We went out for dinner with my aunt last night so that my Mum could say goodbye and the parents gave me the good news that Mum will be coming out for a six-week visit in the summer. Hooray!

And that is how I spent my weekend.

If anyone wants to chatter about Doctor Who and that huge casting spoiler announced Saturday afternoon, feel free. Everyone else, be aware that there will be spoilers in the comments 🙂 I shall just say that, after a bit of thought and research, I am quite optimistic about it all. Really, the actor is secondary to what the great Moffat does with the writing.

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