Not that I’m worried…

I just dropped Kate and Annie off at the vets. They’re being spayed today. There were lots of forms to fill out, lots of warnings (yes, I’m terrified for them already) and then the technician carried them away.

The poor loves.

Oddly, they were both quite calm during the trip and they stayed calm while we waited and form-filled. They’d bump up against the grill on their carrier so that I could scratch them and they put their paws out to be held every now and again, but they weren’t distressed and Kate didn’t even meow. Apparently there is a comment in their notes that they’re good cats – the technician told me that they must be very good cats indeed because the vet who wrote that note is usually a dog person and doesn’t have much time for cats. Heh.

My girls are so adorable.

Now I have to wait to hear from the vet. If everything goes well, I should get a call around noon. If everything doesn’t go well, I’ll hear sooner. Not that I’m worried or panicked right now…


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