Kitten update

Someone remind me to make a Kate and Annie icon at the weekend?

The girls are fine. Apparently they were very well behaved and got lots of cuddles because they were so adorable. Even the vet who prefers dogs (apparently their surgeon) thought they were wonderful and couldn’t believe how good they were about needles and catheters. Aw.

They each have a little shaved patch on their arm and a huge shaved patch on their tummies. The incisions look good (Kate’s is longer than Annie’s, oddly) and Annie looks incredibly funny with this big dip in her incredibly fluffy tummy fur. They were very stand-offish when they got home and Kate wouldn’t be seperated from Brown Toy for over two hours. Annie tried to play with a mouse but decided that it hurt to do her usual somersaults and gave up.

Their pupils were huge! It make them look very odd and ill, the poor things. I was warned that they’d be nauseous and not interested in food, so the first thing Kate did was make a bee-line for her food dish. Annie wasn’t interested and thankfully neither of them have thrown up at all. This morning Annie was back to her usual hungry self so it looks like they came through the anesthetic well.

Over the course of the evening they gradually thawed towards me and by bed-time they had both spent time cuddling on my lap (Kate even did her kneeding my knee thing, which means she was very happy) and let me check out their tummies. I’m feeling a little less guilty about it all now. They were very affectionate this morning, not jumping around like loons (phew!) but looking more comfortable than they did yesterday. I need to keep an eye on them, check their incisions every day, but the vet assured me that they should heal beautifully.

It’s such a relief!

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