I am a cooking genius!

I have had an incredibly productive Saturday morning. Set out really early for the farmer’s market over the harbour and somehow managed to fill a huge shopping bag with stuff in less than half an hour! I now have chipotle mayonnaise (mmmmmm), pita chips, handmade sausages, some baklava for dessert tonight, coffee and some green veg that is not broccoli. I foresee my cauliflower cheese in my future this week 🙂

The best bit is that I only really need a few odds from the superstore this week like cat litter and cleaning stuff 🙂

I was back here by 10am and started to construct Oxford Beef. This is kind of like a really fancy beef stew with wine and apricot jam that cooks in the slow-cooker for eight hours. It’s gorgeous. I’m having my aunt over for supper tonight and there will be lots left over for the freezer, which is excellent.

Then I needed to get rid of 2lb of tomatoes that my parents left (why did they think they could eat that many in the two days before they left anyway?) so I dug out my recipe for roasted tomato soup. It’s cooked, liquidised and simmering on the hob for me to eat for lunch. I suspect that I may be reheating some for lunch at work for the next couple of days.

This afternoon I intend to bake. Mum gave my sister and I each a copy of her best baking book so I’ve got the recipe for cheese straws. Yay!

I’d forgotten how much fun this kind of stuff could be!

I’m concluding that the added vit D, vit C and calcium are definitely helping because I feel so much better mentally since I started taking them. As I’d usually be going through my hormonally induced severe depression right now, that says a huge amount.

Now I’m off to eat amazing soup and read before starting the next round of cooking and washing up 🙂

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