Snow! Again…

It’s snowing again. I am trying not to let this dent my current state of happiness. It did require me to drive home from church in the snow, though, which wasn’t fun 😦

It’s the light, powdery stuff which on the one hand is lighter to shovel and on the other hand usually ends up pretty deep. I got the first couple of inches shovelled away after church, I’ll get out there mid-afternoon to make another pass and then I’ll go out after supper for a final go (or earlier if it’s stopped) so that I’m not try to shovel nearly a foot all at once. It’s the ton that the plough is going to dump on my drive that worries me and I still haven’t found anyone to do my shovelling for me on these kinds of days.

Still, at least I’m home to do the shovelling in batches rather than having it all fall overnight or getting stuck at the office. That’s something, I suppose.

And now I am going to heat some roasted tomato soup for lunch before having a chat with the parents in Skype.

historyterry – if I’m not responding on AIM when you log on, be patient? I’m probably still shovelling!

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